Eco Products

Eco friendly products

The demand and use of eco friendly products is on a rise. Eco friendly products are products made of natural fibre and materials and are manufactured in a process that do not cause harm to the environment.These products are either reusable or recyclable and biodegradable also, hence  minimiszing the carbon footprint and reducing pollution and toxicity.
The benefits of using an ecofriendly gift ideas is that they are energy efficient, minimal use of water and other essential natural resources, no dangerous chemicals used and the products are all natural and environment friendly thus ensuring better health and improved quality of life.Use of eco friendly products also ensures a healthy environment reducing pollution.Eco friendly bags are also very sturdy and provide great quality and material efficiency.
Hasthakriya manufactures eco friendly corporate gifts in Bangalore and has been consciously ensuring that our products are in line with the current environmental demands and conservation. Hasthakriya has been manufacturing jute bags.biodegradable plastic bags and cotton bags in Bangalore from the 2006. We have made a conscious effort to add new and innovative products made of eco friendly and bio degradable materials.